This Guy Is The Most ‘Honest’ Politician You’ll Ever Meet And His Video Interview Is Going Viral

How often do you read a headline that has the word honest and Politician placed beside each other?

In this ghor kalyug, where Politicians will promise you everything and give you nothing in return, there’s this one Politician who went totally bonkers by saying whatever the hell he wishes to. Because, YOLO.

The video begins with the journalist asking the Politicians where his area of interest lies in terms of fixing the country’s problems. And just when you thought you’ll hear him say something expected like, “Gareeb ke liye roti, middle class ke liye makaan,” he said something that all of us always only hear as a voice that rings in our heads like translators when we’re hearing a speech.

“Raajneeti mein jo aata hai, paisa kama ke jata hai,” he says. (Whoever enters politics, becomes rich). “Aur main wo hi karne aaya hoon”. (And I’m here to do just that).

He even took some party names and claimed they have members who’ve become rich post their stint in Politics and Mr. Honest here wants to do just that.

Watch the video here –

As much as I wish to tell this man to find another job, I’d vote for him any day over anybody else. Because I’d like to take responsibility for the drama I invite upon me, thank you.