How The Modi Government Saved 13.2 Billion Dollars In The Defence Sector


Our Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is one of the most humble politicians this country has ever seen. He leads a simple life, with the least of luxuries and comforts. He is often mistaken for a commoner and he doesn’t believe in wasteful spending of money. But the application of this principle by him in the Defence Ministry, has turned out to be a boon for the nation. It has been reported that Mr. Parrikar has helped the government in saving around 13.2 billion dollars in the defence sector till date ! Here’s how he did it :

First this move of his which saved India around 50,000 crore rupees !


The Defence Minister ordered a review of the Air Force’s 15-year long-term plan of acquiring long-range, medium-range and short-range air defence systems. He pointed that the purchase of the long-range missiles made the heavy purchase of short-range missiles unnecessary. And this move did not hinder India’s defensive strength because the Akash missiles would compensate for the ones cancelled. This smart move saved a huge amount of money without any after-effect.

Page 2 : France bows down to Indian and India saves money ! A lot of money indeed !


The re-negotiation with France by the Modi government led to the saving of around 21,000 crore rupees ($3.2 billion)



Page 3 : Parrikar helps save 20,000 crore rupees lying unused offshore !


Manohar Parrikar revealed that he had found $3 billion (around Rs 20,169.75 crore) which was lying forgotten in a US account. Parrikar said that he had discovered India was paying the US Department of Defence (Pentagon) for new weapons despite $3 billion which had been paid earlier was lying in an account in Washington. Parrikar utilized these funds which resulted in savings from the yearly Capital Budget and also savings of around $600-700 million in foreign exchange.ibtl6

Page 4 : The total amount of money saved but also a big question is raised!


Parrikar also said that government has instituted a new way of tabulating the defence budget,which includes for the first time defence pensions and allocations to the Ministry of Defence, amounting to 17.23% of the overall government expenditure.ibtl2 ibtl1

While the government ended up saving around $13 billion in just 3 deals, one wonders how much the UPA could have saved during their tenure or would have swindled ! 😉