11 Men Were Humiliated Because They Didn’t Pay For Ganesh Chaturthi Donation


Religion has always driven a wedge between people. In India where many religions thrive, this sole reason has driven people to resort to humiliating acts and slanderous campaigns.

An incident from Pune came to light when 11 Muslim men were humiliated on the grounds of not donating enough money for Ganeshotsav. 


They were migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh and owned a bakery in Pune.

The people who punished them were from Shri Ram Ganesh Mandal group and they demanded Rs 100 from everyone on account of Ganeshotsav.

The Muslim men were reluctant to pay that amount. After haggling over this for some time, they parted with Rs. 50/-.


…but the Mandal workers were adamant on getting Rs 100/-. When they didn’t get the needed amount, they threatened the bakery workers to do sit-ups on a busy road. 


They filmed this entire incident and shared it with their friends so that it could go viral.

The bakery workers felt humiliated and left the job. Some of them moved back to Uttar Pradesh. 

The matter was brought to police’s attention and they are investigating the matter.

Here’s what Assistant Police Inspector, Mahesh Swamy had to say:

We have booked three members of the Ganesh Mandal, but have not arrested them. The offence is bailable. A notice has been issued to the three to be present in court on Monday to secure bail.

How does this even qualify as a punishable act?

H/T: Indian Express