23 Year Old Infosys Employee Strangled To Death In Office Using Computer Cable

On Sunday evening, a 23-year-old Infosys employee was strangled to death with a computer cable at her workplace in Phase II of Hinjewadi IT park, Pune.

The victim, K Rasila Raju worked as a systems engineer had taken the day off but was at the office on Sunday to complete one of her projects. She reached work at 2 pm and was to work until 11 pm.

Vaishali Jadhav, Assistant Commissioner of Police told Pune Mirror, “she was working on a project along with two other employees of the company from Bangalore office. While the other two employees were coordinating with her online from Bangalore, she was present inside the office.”

However, when she stopped responding to her colleagues in Bengaluru at around 5 pm, they asked the security guard to check on her. Around 8 pm she was found dead in the conference room.

The police also added, “her manager was trying to get in touch with Rasila but after 5 pm she did not respond to any call. After trying to call her for some time, the manager contacted security personnel and asked them to check if Rasila was at her desk. When the security guard came to her desk, he spotted Rasila’s body lying on the floor.”

The police have arrested the prime suspect Bhaben Sailcia, a 26-year-old man who worked as a security guard at Infosys. The guard whose shift was to get over at 6:30 pm was the only one present there apart from the victim herself while she was busy working.

As soon as his shift got over, he left the campus in a hurry to leave for Mumbai. When police reached the crime scene at 8:30 pm, they checked the access codes to the room and the CCTV footage which clearly showed that Bhaben was the culprit. They then traced his location by tracking his mobile number and caught him at around 3 am at CST station.

Here is the footage:

Her post-mortem was postponed at her family’s request who were on their way to Pune from Kerala. The reason for her murder has remained unknown.

News Source: TOI.

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