Air India Completed The World’s Longest Flight With An All-Women Crew

Gender discrimination in the aviation industry across the globe is well known. On March 8, 2010, a study suggested that 94% of the world’s airlines are led by men. And although, we know how important the role of women is in the industry, it is always necessary for us to do our fake token bit on International Women’s Day, because rituals. The number of female pilots never grows. Number of female officials in higher management is meagre. 100% of air hostesses are however, women. Congrats!
Four captains from the Delhi to San Francisco direct flight.

Air India just completed the world’s longest flight with an all-women crew. AI 73 was a direct flight from Delhi to San Francisco and took off on March 6. The crew returned back to Delhi on March 8.

The all-women crew on Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco
It will be a historic flight and the longest to be operated by all women crew,” Ashwini Lohani, the CMD Air India said. “The airline has immense respect for women and it would be a symbol of women empowerment.


Nice gesture. I hope the future brings real changes in the aviation industry and the world in general.