[Watch] Local Train Passengers Randomly Breaking Into A Song And Someone Recorded This Awesome Sight

The prospect of brighter career opportunities isn’t the only reason why Mumbai makes for one of the best cities in the world. It’s when people come together after a devastating terror attack and get each other through the difficult times.

India Today
India Today


Whether it’s heavy rainfall or terror attacks, Mumbai is used to living life the hard way. But such a hard way of life hasn’t deterred this city and its inhabitants to lose their shine.

Mumbai shines harder in difficult circumstances. And that’s what separates Mumbai from every city in the world.

In this video, captured and subsequently tweeted by a Twitter user Manas Mitul, every day working individuals from our parents’ generation are beating the walls to the tunes of famous songs. Another gentleman standing behind the ‘drummers’ is singing his rendition of the songs. The passengers sitting nearby have also joined in to the fun.


Here, watch the beauty for yourself:


God said let there be life, and there was Mumbai.