The Next Time You Waste Food, Remember Someone Else’s Plate Is Empty. Watch To Know How You Can Help

As a child, I was always taught to clean my plate up before putting it in the basin. I was constantly reminded of how there are hungry children on the streets who could do anything to get a morsel of food in their mouths. And even though I was a little child, I knew the importance of never wasting food. I wish everybody in the world knew this.

India is one of the few countries that showcases two sides of a coin in one city. The first side is where the city sleeps soundly, and the other part is where the city sleeps hungry. And even though we believe there’s very little we could do to fix the latter part of the country, we’re wrong.

Every morsel of food that remains on your plate, could feed someone. How? Here’s a brilliant initiative that’ll slowly, yet steadily change the way India sleeps.


Kerala’s Minu Pauline decided to do something about this. Pappada Vada, a restaurant she owns in Kochi, has a fridge set up outside their restaurant. And this isn’t a fridge you’d visit every hour and pray something scrumptious appears miraculously. It’s a fridge that’s always filled with something for the needy.



The fridge has been named “Nanma Maram”, which translates to ‘The goodness tree’, and is a 24/7 installation that allows people to visit/eat/donate, irrespective of their class or creed.

Minu strongly believes that if you possess something that you probably don’t need as much as somebody else does, you must definitely do something with it so that it reaches the needy.


Our country deserves to unearth these rare pearls of India who think beyond the present, who think for the future, a future that is happy, secure and definitely multiplying with a kind purpose to fulfil, like Minu. 


Watch the beautiful story of Nanma Maram and Minu in the #PearlsOfIndia initiative by Rajnigandha Silver Pearls: