This Woman Tweeted Her Experience Of Being Sexually Harassed Revealing Why Victims Don’t File FIRs

The recent sexual harassment allegations against TVF founder Arunabh Kumar have yet again opened up the discussion around women’s safety at their workplace.

While numerous women came out to confess how they too were harassed in a similar fashion by the TVF founder, commenters and onlookers have questioned why these women hadn’t filed an official complaint before an anonymous blog popped up one evening.

Here’s what it is

That is a twisted conversation with more than one outcome. We can’t discuss women’s safety in the workplace with a uni-dimensional approach. It would take some amount of enlightenment to understand why some women hesitate in filing an FIR or an official complaint in cases of sexual harassment, despite understanding the consequences of being silent.


In this era of victim-blaming, one Twitter user by the name of ‘Vália Babycats’ decided to share a personal experience with the intention to bring more awareness to the subject of sexual harassment of women at a workplace.

The following series of tweets has stirred up chains of conversations on Twitter. We hope this will help the men of the world to understand why filing an FIR or an official complaint may not always be the most convenient option available to a woman. And Lord knows men have a long way to go before understanding the world of women. We hope this series of tweets helps:
















































This is exactly why filing an FIR isn’t always the most convenient option for a woman. If intimidation by corporations wasn’t prevalent, we would see a whole lot of women coming forward with their stories.

Being Indian applauds this Twitter user for her courage to narrate her story while keeping the necessary details hidden for her own safety. We hope after this, there would be a widespread awareness among both employees and employers about sexual harassment policies.