This Woman Had To Go Through A Nightmare Just Because She Accepted A Guy’s Friend Request On Facebook

Social media is where everybody cleans their dirty laundry. Some manage to come out clean, some leave stains on you. It is you who has to decide where to draw a line while ‘socialising’ with strangers on different platforms.

When this 22-year-old girl from Jaipur accepted a guy’s friend request on Facebook, hardly did she know that she was inviting trouble for herself.

Imraan, a young boy from Delhi had sent a friend request to the victim several months back. When she accepted his request, they started chatting and soon decided to meet in Delhi. The girl left for Delhi on March 14 without informing her parents.

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When she went to Delhi to meet Imraan, who promised to marry her, he locked her up in a hotel room. Apparently, he even thought of selling her to sex traffickers. 


G Ram Gopal Naik, DCP of Crime Branch said, “Imraan had a Facebook account with a fake name and sent a friend request to the victim. A few months after she accepted his friend request, he asked the girl to come to Delhi to meet him. He also promised that his family would like to meet her so that they could make their relationship official.”

When her parents found she was missing, they filed a complaint and the accused was arrested from Mahilpalpur on the charge of kidnapping the girl. On inquiry, the girl revealed that she was forced to stay in a rented house and beaten up by the accused.

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“When the victim came to know the real nature of Imraan, she resisted and refused to live with him. But she was beaten up and her mobile phone was snatched by Imraan,” said the officer,” said the police.

The police have been investigating the case to find out if the victim has been sexually assaulted.

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