No One Can Hate Arvind Kejriwal As Much As This Man Does

There’s no harm in admitting that some of us Indians are pretty hateful. Come on, let’s not have two ways about it. We are pretty damn hateful. We can’t stand anyone from an opposing ideology to even breathe in our direction.

We all have our own separate agendas and anyone who does not think like us is either anti-national or sickular or bhakt and so on. What a time to be alive, no?


How did we become this poisonous is something that future historians will conduct researches over. My guess is as good as yours: the politicians.

This is a representative image. Don't lose your shit by saying "admin is a khujliwal supporter" because the admin is not. Image source: Business Standard
This is a representative image. Don’t lose your shit by saying “admin is a khujliwal supporter” because the admin is not. Image source: Business Standard


Now it’s safe to say that Delhi Chief Minister is a pretty damn hated guy. If you throw a stone randomly in a crowd, chances are it’ll hit a Kejriwal hater. However, having said that, no one can even come close to hating Arvind Kejriwal as much as this man from Delhi does.

His name is Subedaar Chouhan. Two of his associates in hating Arvind Kejriwal are Subedaar R. S. Chouhan and Subedaar Uday Narayan.


What’s so special about Subedaar Chouhan’s hatred for Kejriwal is that Subedaar Chouhan, along with his associates, is organizing a “Vishaal Bhandaara” otherwise known as a huge public lunch for the auspicious occasion of Arvind Kejriwal’s loss in the Punjab and Goa elections.

Here’s the invitation to this “Vishaal Bhandaara”:

The Lallantop
The Lallantop

So, if you’re in Delhi on 19th of March, head to Sadar Bazaar in the Delhi Cantt. area and treat yourself to some deliciously hateful food.

May God bless this man! He’s not the hero we need but the hero we deserve.