DU Girls Write A Letter To Their Hostel Warden That Has Impressed The Entire Internet

Ask anyone who has had a hostel life and he or she will tell you how awesome the experience of living in a community with people of same age feels like. Life in a hostel is incredibly fun as there is no parental pressure and it introduces students with a sense of freedom.


On the flip side of it, it also comes with a set of rules where the warden of the hostel decides the routine of the students with late night outings being a strict ‘no no’.

However two girls from Delhi University, Aditi and Preeti, recently dared to challenge the system and wrote a pretty straight-forward letter to their hostel warden asking for permission to have a night out. The letter was a pretty formal one and is currently trending on the internet for the ‘valid’ reason the girls stated in the letter.

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Here’s what they wrote:

Kaveri Hostel
16 Feb 2017
Respected ma’am,
Subject: Late Night
We are both a little stressed and disappointed with our academic lives. Kindly allow us a late night for today 16.02.2017 so we can destress a little after a bad experience with our dissertation presentation.
Thank you.
Preeti (315)
Aditi (315)

The letter was shared by a Facebook page called Pinjra Tod: Break The Hostel Locks where Netizens, especially those from DU colleges, found it hilarious and totally relatable.


And how did the warden react to it?

Well, the girls were granted the permission, proving being straight-forward always works!

H/T: Indian Express

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