[Share] This Tool Will Help You Find Out Which ATM Near Your Location Is Working And Has Cash


While many people have hailed PM Modi’s move to demonetise ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes as ‘revolutionary’, some also believe that it has created chaos amongst people, which is something that cannot be denied. You know there’s an ATM around you the amount you spot a huge line of people standing outside it. But unfortunately, many of them are returning with disappointed faces because that’s how fast the cash is getting exhausted in the ATMs.

People have complained about it on various social media sites and said that finding an ATM ~with~ cash is not as easy as the Government is claiming it to be. There have been many instances where people queued up for hours only to know that the ATM has run out of cash.


However, RBI has assured we’re not running out of cash any time soon. Bank employees are working round the clock to make this move a success. And amidst the other silent heroes, CMS, India’s largest Cash Management and Payment Solutions firm, is on its toes to get as many ATMs as they can, filled with cash.

And now, in an attempt to help people in the struggle, the firm has started a service that will help people figure out ATMs near their location that are dispensing cash at the moment.



“Even as we are working round the clock to get as many ATMs as we can be filled with cash, here’s another quick step from us to make life easier for all concerned. We have created the CMS ATM Finder. It’s a ready reckoner of all the ATMs we manage that are dispensing cash,” said a note from the company.

Called the CMS ATM Finder, the simple tool asks people to choose their State and City and then presents them with a dynamic list of list of ATMs with cash near them.

While a search for ATMs with cash in Delhi showed us with a dozen results, Mumbai seemed to have twice the number of ATMs that are up and running, as per the results. The list includes all the major banks in the country.


Not just that, there’s also an option for the user to notify CMS in case a particular ATM isn’t working and it responds back with a message that reads it will do its best as soon as possible to get the ATM running.

To use the awesome service, click here and drop your feedbacks in Comments.