“…He caught hold of me by my hair and began slapping me” – The Man Who Did This Deserves To Rot In Jail

In an absolutely unsettling case, that unfolded on the streets of Mumbai, a woman and her septuagenarian mother were mercilessly assaulted on a street, in full view of the people walking by, by a drunkard.

The lady after being assaulted | Facebook
The lady after being assaulted | Facebook

One thing’s for sure, those people were certainly blinded by something, perhaps the fear of their safety (even though they would’ve definitely outnumbered ONE DRUNK GUY), to watch an assault and stand there doing nothing. It’s enraging how people choose to look away and yet call themselves a “civilised society”.


Civilised or not, this society is definitely shameless and spineless. And that, the policemen’s dim reaction to the whole incident proves. 


The woman, Danie Stone, described her ordeal in a Facebook Post

How many more street feeders /women will be assaulted before laws get stricter and the police stop bowing to political pressure.

My 71yr old Mother and me were out feeding the local Strays when a man was watching us from a distance. We ignored as its normal for people passing by to stop and watch as we feed. However, this guy began following us on the opposite side of the road. We still ignored as usually many are out walking post dinner. As we turned into a lane to feed at point no 4 this guy began hurling abuses and said do not feed here. He then came towards us and caught hold of me by my hair and began slapping me and when mum tried pushing him away he hit her in the chest and threw her to the ground. I tried helping mum up but he got hold of me again and we, mum and me tried freeing me from his clutch but to no extent we could. That’s when we smelt he was drunk. He continued hitting me and mum turn by turn but not 1 man standing by helped us.


Mind you this is a 3rd attack in a span of a year while feeding Strays. We saw a few Locals and begged for help but none bothered. Why should they not they house people. 3 4 guys even ran away. As this monster dragged us out on to the main road about 30 people watched but none stopped him. A muslim man passing by intervened and finally managed to get him away from us but again he grabbed my clothes and tore it and grabbed my hair. Still 30 people watching still none calling the police neither helping.

His family came out and begged let him go forget the matter. His wife says “Jesus ka kasam usko chodo do”, while his filthy abuses continued.

What disgusted me more was someone who once worked with mum on the womens welfare team saw this happen, asked what happened and went away. Thankyou Hema Sankpal for ignoring. Just cause it was a resident of her building.

Finally a police vehicle came which was taking rounds and asked us to go to the police station and did nothing despite the man still coming to hit me.

On reaching the police station officer Jamdade only took an nc and said you may leave, no fir done, no medical done despite the entire incident being narrated. The accused’s wife called a lady from the womens wing of the MNS (picture enclosed) who made worse filthier statements but as you know the police turn deaf. Just a few lines in the nc and I was asked to go. The accused and his wife gathered a big mob who inturn gave statements saying they were disturbed by the dogs daily.


The accused’s wife and many others who came to give false statements in front of the police has threatened to kill the dogs and threatens us of consequences for feeding dogs henceforth and again the police was mum.

Despite showing the officer my torn clothes and hair from being pulled no fir was still registered.

We showed the officer our street feeders cards and he took a picture and said ok you can God The Animal welfare board issues street feeders cards. These IDs help in protecting women and senior citizens, especially, who care for animals from animal-haters. However the officer on duty cared less about what we said.

The mob supporting the accused outside the police station continues hurling abuses and threats but the wonderful police do nothing.

On our way back to continue our feeding rounds and we saw a red swift following us, it came very close almost knocking mum down and zoomed away. The tried this 3 more times but failed as they saw the police sumo on round. They then sent a group of boys in a black santro they kept zooming past our house to and fro making numerous attempts to run over my house dogs. After failed attempts and again on seeing a police vehicle they left.

Apparently the accused’s wife is a woman welfare counseller at some police station in Mumbai.

When will this stop??? We don’t interfere with anyone, the dogs are fed and we move on. But this unnecessary interference has to stop. Unfortunately the local police is of no help.

The last assault that happened was in October and despite numerous rounds to the office of the commissioner of police office could not meet him.

What are you waiting for Mumbai Police another Keenan & Reuben incident to happen before safety is taken care of??

We are just feeding hungry Strays not creating a ruckus on the streets post 12, not drinking in the open, nor are we disturbing anyone.

Below is a pic of my state post the assault.

Mumbai Police I have No faith in you anymore. After tweeting to you I got a call after an hour but the accused still roams free.

Please share so this reaches higher authorized before any dogs get killed and we are assaulted a 4th time.

This incident brings certain factors to the fore:

-Seriously, what problem do people have with stray animals being fed?

-The people involved in this case- offenders, victims and some who ignored- belong to “welfare groups” and “women’s wings.” Well, these two women who were feeding the dogs were, in fact, doing welfare work but what were all the others doing? Is that the “welfare” they talk about?

This episode reeks of hypocrisy and ignorance. And the police’s lack of firmness and action against the offenders is deplorable and telling of the hopeless times we live in.