Surat Man Lost ‘Four Daughters’ In A Fire Accident To Get An Insurance Claim Of ₹65 Lakh

Ramesh Zharakhiya, a Surat-based vegetable vendor, incurred a huge loss on 14th March 2017 when the shed in which he stores his vegetables, before selling them off to traders, caught fire. The man claimed that 4 of his daughters were burnt to death in the fire accident, reported the Indian Express.

He told the fire brigade personnel that though he wasn’t present when the fire broke out, he had left his daughters, whom he named as Darshana (10), Mansi (9), Tejasvi (8) and Rajashvi (7), at the shed and the fire engulfed them. He provided the policemen with the photographs of the girls.

Representative Image | iStock Photo via Getty Images
Representative Image | iStock Photo via Getty Images

He had even told the investigators, according to the IE report, that his daughters had been living with their grandparents in Amreli ever since their mother, Shobha, passed away six years ago. They had been brought to Surat, where they met the end of their lives, by his younger brother.

Police officials, though, doubted Zharakhiya after they recovered only five bones from the accident site for obviously, had four girls been killed there, they wouldn’t have left behind merely five bones. They got their answers on interrogating Zharakhiya.

He revealed that he has just two sons and no daughters at all. Basically, he conjured up the death of his daughters and his wife to claim ₹65 lakh of insurance money.

Neither did his wife ever pass away nor were the pictures of the four girls legit since Zharakhiya had laid hands on them at a photo studio. So whose bones were those that were found at the fire site?

Representative Image | iStock Photo via Getty Images
Representative Image | iStock Photo via Getty Images

The bones allegedly belong to two piglets which Zharakhiya had thrown into the fire to conjure up the death of his daughters. He painstakingly hatched this shabby plan so that he could get some insurance money and pay back the ₹1 crore he is currently indebted with.

We think had there been an award for the Stupidest Conspirator Ever, this man would have been the undisputed winner.

News Source: Indian Express