Mountain Man Dashrath Manjhi’s Last Wish Comes True, Thanks To Suresh Prabhu


A man who carved out a road through a rocky mountain using chisel and hammer. A man who spent 22 years of his life to shorten the travel between Atri and Wazirganj from 55 km to 15 km. A man who deserved to have a biopic made on him.

The Mountain Man Dashrath Manjhi.


This man’s last wish was to have a railway station in his town, Gehlaur. The closest one is 8 km away in Jethian.


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is, without a doubt, one of the most compassionate political leaders in the system.


Earlier, we had reported on Prabhu’s plans to give Gehlaur a new railway station. The man has delivered on his promise.

The Ministry of Railways made this announcement yesterday.


A budget of ₹300 crores has been sanctioned to set up the railway line between Wazirganj and Natesar in Gaya district, Gehlaur.

TOI reported Danapur divisional railway manager R K Jha saying,

“The railway ministry has sanctioned adequate funds to complete the project within the stipulated time.”

He also mentioned that this project will be completed on priority as a mark of respect for Manjhi.

Another 100 crores have been allocated for the track doubling work between Kiul and Gaya. More passenger trains are expected to run once this is done.

Politicians have often promised a lot in the past but more often than not haven’t delivered. Suresh Prabhu is certainly breaking this pattern and we hope others get inspired as well.

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