A Man Was Arrested For A WhatsApp Message On Beef. No Freedom Of Speech?


The world has become so unbelievable nowadays. People are ready to fight/slash throats over trivial matters.

22-year-old Mihan Ansari hailed from Jamtara district in Jharkhand and he died on Sunday. His gut-wrenching story will make you question humanity. 


Mihan’s fault? He shared a comment on beef via WhatsApp which offended a majority of people because they found the text ‘objectionable’. His message didn’t strike a chord with the people and apparently, had the potential to disrupt the communal peace between people.

And of course, in India when a certain group of people is offended, it’s mandatory that justice is meted out there offending thoughts.

Mihan was taken into police custody for his text (read: his freedom of speech). On Sunday, it was reported that he died.


Ansari’s family and well-wishers pointed their fingers at police: they reasoned that Ansari’s death was the result of pure torture and ruthless beating. 


It was not a random accusation. Two days after Ansari’s arrest, his family members were informed that he has been admitted to Dhanbad hospital because of suffering injuries in police custody.

Ansari’s parents were not ready to accept this and definitely not willing to settle the matter once they got to know about his injuries. They went to the police station and what followed was a major kerfuffle between his parents and the police-in-charge, Harish Pathak. 


As reported by the Indian Express, “Ansari’s family filed a written complaint against Pathak, following which an FIR of an attempt to murder and outraging the modesty of a woman was registered against him. The officer was suspended immediately. After Ansari’s death, the attempt to murder charge has been changed to a murder charge.”


Ansari’s death has led to a serious inquiry and the medical officers seem to have a different viewpoint: Ansari’s death was a result of encephalitis (acute inflammation of the brain) nad not police torture. 


The police-in-charge failed to check on him and consequently, it resulted into his death.

Also, the victim’s family was unaware of his medical condition.

We hope that the inquiry fetches credible reason of death. 

But, the issue that remains unchecked is his arrest over a WhatsApp message. How can a simple WhatsApp message instigate unrest among a few people and that too with an intensity that it leads to an arrest? Has the difference in religion practices made us so blindfolded that we refuse to see the logic and cater to the petty mindsets?

Ansari’s death demands an answer.

But more than that, his arrest is a much bigger issue that is shouting for justice.

H/T: The Indian Express 

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