Barefoot, Milind Soman Covered 517 Kms In 3 Days And Won The ‘Ultraman’ Title. Sigh!

Milind Soman’s endless quest for enduring difficult challenges is really inspiring. He is the undisputed king of fitness and continues to give us fitness goals even at the age of 51.

The nation celebrated his victory on a grand scale when he successfully completed the toughest triathlon in the world and won the title of Ironman in Zurich, Switzerland.

But, Milind Soman is not the guy who likes to revel in his past achievements.

His constant desire to elevate his fitness game made him participate in the ultramarathon in Florida. 



With unwavering determination and a huge reserve of strength, he powered through this tough marathon and became the Ultraman. 


His mother was there to greet him at the finishing line.

The ultramarathon is sprawled across three days – day one includes 10-km swimming and 148-km cycling; day two includes 276-km cycling; day three includes 84-km running. 


And Soman completed this daunting marathon with five seconds to spare!


Along with him, there were four other Indians who participated in this marathon – Abhishek Mishra, Kaustubh Radkar, Prithviraj Patil and Manmadh Rebba.


It was a proud moment for India when Indians took part in this marathon.


But, Milind Soman took the cake as he ran barefoot in this entire marathon! (And here we are thinking that investing in a good pair of shoes is an essential element in winning such marathons). 


Soman’s facebook update is a testament to his happiness after winning the Ultraman title.

We congratulate Milind Soman for winning this formidable feat and making India proud.

His age-defying fitness levels should be an inspiration for every Indian.

Source: Facebook

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