Minor Girl Gets A Legal Notice From Her Husband. Reveals The Ugly Reality Of Child Marriage

A study claims that the drop in child marriages has been significant from 54 percent in 1992-93 to 33 percent this year, per this report. However, the practice has now surfaced in the urban areas as well, unlike before. People who have migrated from rural areas held their traditions close to heart, and still carry them out despite the changing times.

A minor from Hyderabad who was forced into marriage with a 35-year-old has now been served a notice for not performing her ‘duties as a housewife’ properly, and not leading a ‘marital life’ with her partner.


The girl who is pursuing polytechnic diploma course from a private college received a notice from a lawyer, who’s representing his husband a few days ago. Since she couldn’t afford a lawyer, she wrote to State Child Rights Association on Wednesday seeking help.

“She passed Class 10 in March last year and going by her school-leaving certificate, she was born on March 3, 2000. It shows she is still a minor. So, the marriage itself is illegal and demanding conjugal rights from her is all the more illegal. We are planning to move the high court against Srikanth and also the lawyer, who issued notice without even bothering to know her age,” association leader P Achyuta Rao told HT.

The girl was married off last year when she was prepping for her SSC exams. In addition, her parents gave the groom 1 lack worth dowry, with 15 tolas of gold, per a report in the Hindustan Times.

But the girl soon returned to her parent’s house. On inquiry, it was found that the man had an alleged illicit relationship, and besides she wanted to pursue further education.

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In the notice directed towards her, it is mentioned that the girl behaved in a highly objectionable manner with her husband and his family members. “She had developed a habit of disliking her husband and not giving due respect to him. She never bothered to live the marital life with him and failed to perform duties of a housewife,” the notice stated.

The lawyer gave 15 days notice to the girl to return to her husband.

The police said they had not received any complaint from the girl or her parents.“We will lodge a complaint against her husband and his parents soon,” said a child rights activist.