This Bihar MLA Asked Disgusting Questions To A Rape Victim’s Friend. Let’s Help Him Find Answers.

We may have lost count of the number of times our politicians spoke objectionable comments to justify rape and molestation.

Recently, Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP) MLA Lalan Paswan asked some objectionable and uncomfortable questions to a rape victim’s friend in order to enquire about the horrifying incident.

A girl was allegedly raped and then murdered in Bihar’s Hajipur and the MLA had visited the girls’ hostel premises to enquire about the horrendous incident and cross verify the details.

But, judging the questionnaire round, it seems that the MLA was consumed with free-floating shame and had no inhibitions in making the victim’s friend feel uncomfortable in front of everyone. The poor girl was trying to help her friend out and the MLA left no stone unturned in making the friend feel worse.

It seemed to be an outright insult and here are some of the excerpts from the interview which are a legit proof to this claim:




(Another women chimes in that the friend shouldn’t be scared of divulging into the details).

3. But it only gets worse.






You may watch the interview here which is uploaded by TIMES NOW:

And we wonder why the condition in our country isn’t changing. Why would it if we have given power to such MLAs with petty mindsets; who derive pleasure from such things and do nothing concrete in nabbing the perpetrator?

Here’s your answer, Sir – Nobody cares what you think about how/when/where she got raped, what everybody cares about is how are the women of India getting raped, every day, every second, irrespective of where they’re from, what they were wearing, who they were with. Let’s keep your chhoti soch to yourself and fix the real problem by asking questions to the people who’ll give you answers.

We hope that the victim’s friend is all right and we hope that this ugly interview doesn’t dampen her spirit of speaking up against such tormenting crimes.

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