Kevin Pietersen Will Never Forget Dhoni’s Reply To Him During Last Night’s Match


MS Dhoni is known for his cool persona on the pitch. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first over or the final, Dhoni’s temperament remains the same.

The Indian Premier League kicked off on an entertaining note apart from Amy Jackson’s performance. This tournament never fails to get the audiences on their toes.

It was day 2 and the Rising Pune Supergiants were up against the Mumbai Indians. Rohit Sharma’s MI were batting first and everything was the same except that the captaincy duties of Pune were with Steve Smith.


This meant, Dhoni had the liberty to get his savage mode on.



Kevin Pietersen was in the commentary box and was chatting with Manoj Tiwary who was at first slip. This is when one of the wittiest banters happened between Dhoni and Pietersen.

Kevin Pietersen: You are looking good, mate. Can you just do me a favour and can you just whisper in MS’ ear that I am a better golfer than him?
Manoj Tiwary: I will do that after this ball.
Kevin Pietersen: Thank you. Come on, you have got an opportunity now. Please tell him. Please tell him.
Manoj Tiwary: (to MS Dhoni) Bhaiya, Kevin Pietersen bol raha hai ki woh aapse better golfer hai.
MS Dhoni: (addressing Pietersen) He is still my first Test wicket
Kevin Pietersen: It was a referral. It was a referral. Not Out. I’ll tell you what it’s wonderful when you get real good people on the mic, you got the players on there, you get some great stuff. Well done, mate.


Here’s a video of this witty banter.

As Sunil Gavaskar rightly pointed out in the post-match discussion, we need more of this rather than those ugly spats between players.

All hail MS!

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