Golgappa Vendor Stabbed 18 Times After He Ran Out Of Ingredients To Make Golgappe


Before the readers of this article discard it by saying Delhi is haven for crime, might we remind you that the criminal history of a city does not justify any act of violence.

It’s necessary to highlight the evils of our society so as to question our own morals and beliefs, because in times of information, opinions usually win.

In another incident of rage-fueled crime, a golgappa vendor in Delhi was stabbed 18 times.

Hindustan Times


24-year-old Rau runs a Golgappa stand with his father in North Delhi’s Mangolpuri area. Late Sunday night, at around 11.30pm, when he was returning home from his roadside cart, he was approached by 5 drunk men demanding Raju to serve them golgappe.

Raju was very close to his home when the altercation took place. Raju’s father, who had left the cart with Raju was walking 200 meters ahead of him. When the men made their demand of having golgappe, Raju told them that he did not have the ingredients to make it. It was then that the men began assaulting Raju. The men had reportedly unleashed a knife attack on Raju during the altercation.

The incident took place in Mangol Puri’s I-Block. Since the incident took place close to Raju’s house, his family rushed to the spot after hearing noise from outside. Seeing his family members rush towards them, the 5 men began to run, although, Rau’s family was able to identify 2 of them.

“The men insisted on having golgappe. When Raju refused, they began assaulting him. One of them took out a knife and stabbed him multiple times till he collapsed on the road,” reported Hindustan Times quoting an investigating officer.



Raju was rushed to the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. The doctors said that Raju had suffered 18 knife wounds, some of which punctured his vital organs leading to his death.

Delhi Police registered a case of murder in the Mangol Puri Police Station and deployed 3 teams to nab the assailants.

“Through our technical surveillance and criminal intelligence network, we tracked down Gogi’s location in Agra and arrested him on Monday night. His interrogation led us to the other accused,” said the DCP of Delhi Police, outer district.

Police has arrested 3 men and 2 juveniles for the crime and according to the Hindustan Times report the 5 have confessed their crimes. The five accused are Gogi (22), Anil (28) and Nikhil (24), all residents of Mangol Puri area.


H/T: Hindustan Times.