Congress And BJP’s Fight Over Coconut Water On Twitter Is One Of The Reasons Why India Needs To Chill RN

The battle of seats is gaining momentum and how. Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are going all out on each other (subtly or not) to gather votes for their respective parties in the ongoing Uttar Pradesh elections because winning for any of them would, obviously, be a significant feat.

Image 1: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images | 2: Mark Schiefelbein - Pool/Getty Images
Image 1: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images | 2: Mark Schiefelbein – Pool/Getty Images

Immersed neck-deep in the blame-game, Modi and Gandhi are picking at each other’s statements and failures to deliver promises (rather than counting their own achievements) to attract attention of voters in the polls. Quite normal, isn’t it? Don’t all our politicos do just that anyway?


For instance, Gandhi keeps vocalising his concerns about how Modi has failed to do anything for the farmers and Modi retorts in his speeches. The cycle of this blame-game is unstoppable and a new turn in this cycle is the nariyal juice vs water battle.

Where did the nariyal juice vs water battle start?

Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Manipur, on 28th February 2017, where elections are currently going on. According to the Times of India, he had reportedly said, “I would want when someone drinks coconut juice in London and sees ‘Made in Manipur’ written on it.”

Now, Mr. Modi, while addressing a rally in Maharajganj on 1st March 2017, as part of UP Elections, countered Mr. Gandhi’s claims in a jocular fashion, which he is quite good at tbh.

Video Screengrab
Video Screengrab

Using his powerful oratory skills, Modi said, “There is a Congress leader, and I want to pray for his long life…he recently went to Manipur to address an election rally. There he told farmers that he would extract juice from coconuts and send it to London. In fact, a coconut possesses water (and not juice) and it is grown in Kerala,” to a laughing crowd.

Watch him here:

Also, while referring to Gandhi’s “potato factory” claims that he had made in a speech in UP, Modi jokingly says, “Is potato found in a factory? You all tell me, is potato found in a factory? Now Congress has such talented people who will sell coconut juice in London, will erect a potato factory in Uttar Pradesh. Who will save you? Who will save you from these ?”

The Congress supporters and members, however, are countering Modi and saying that he is lying. This is what Ranjit Surjewala, Congress Spokesman, tweeted:

(BTW, did you notice #YoModiSoLiar was trending on Twitter today?)

So what had Rahul Gandhi really said?

He said, “You grow lemon, oranges, pineapples here. I want a day when someone will drink pineapple juice in London and see Made in Manipur on the pack.” Well, Modi got confused indeed. What he called “nariyal juice” turned out to be that of pineapple.

Photo by Mark Schiefelbein - Pool/Getty Images
Photo by Mark Schiefelbein – Pool/Getty Images

This is how Twitterati reacted:












Anyway, this does not take away the fact that our politicians are only indulged in blame-games rather than introspecting their achievements and failures and putting them forth for the people to peruse. And that is definitely not a good sign.

That our prominent politicians are occupied in a rather funny battle of nariyal juice vs nariyal water vs pineapple juice vs jhoot ka juice vs jhoot ka sach, is certainly disappointing to know.