[Watch] This Video Of A Pakistani Girl Questioning Her Army Is Going Viral In India


Upon gaining independence, military rule was established in Pakistan owing to its diverse ethnic groups and an underlying fear that each community might demand an autonomous right which would weaken the centralized structure of the state.

Source: PRI.org

Pakistan has spent quite a long time under the military regime, and there’s no denial that military has played a key role in developing history of the state. The issue of obliterating military from Pakistan has the world divided into two, and after the Uri attacks, the relations between Indian and Pakistan have come to its worst.

In midst of all this, a Pakistani girl in this video by Viral in India, raises an important question during a discussion on terrorism. She asks an explanation as to why the role of military is not mentioned while talking about terrorism.

She quotes the politicians of the country who support terrorism for their short-term vested interest. She also mentions that besides political and judicial elites, there are military elites which need to be brought to the light.


Watch the video here which raises critical issues that need to be questioned:

She raises a few points which the elites have been trying to curb and that’s exactly why the need to discuss and debate is imperative in a democracy.


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