Priyanka Chopra’s Holi Celebrations With Jimmy Fallon Gave Us A Reason To Love Her More

Talk shows are fun because of two reasons. Number one is the host and number two is all the jazz that he pulls off in that hour.

Jimmy Fallon is certainly one host who does it to perfection. Be it his interesting games or his impressions of celebrities, Fallon always manages to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats.


Priyanka Chopra was his guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on the occasion of Holi and the two gave us some epic moments.

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The two started off by discussing Priyanka’s upcoming movie Baywatch which also features Dwayne Johnson.

PC shared her delight of playing the villain in this movie and how awesome it was to intimidate ‘The Rock’.

She then talked about the upcoming season of Quantico and revealed about an important change in the plot. This season will have 9 episodes and won’t have two separate timelines.


Fallon asked PC about her stardom and how she manages to remain cool all the time. The response couldn’t have been better.


Priyanka then shared her homesickness of being away from India during the time of Holi. She went on to describe the festival and the best part was her description of ‘Bhaang’.



Fallon’s reaction pretty much says it all.

The episode took a wonderful turn when the host brought colours to the table. PC and Jimmy had a Thandai and the interview turned into a Holi fiesta.

She did him a favour and played Holi.


Here’s the entire video uploaded by a user who goes by the name UFC latest fights.

Way to go PC!

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