When Sachin Tendulkar Rolled Down His Car’s Window To Talk To People In Traffic


HYDERABAD: Every day commuters of the city were in for the shock of their lives when a sedan next to them rolled down its window and the world’s greatest cricketer emerged from inside.



It seems like Sachin Tendulkar embraced the social activist in him on Sunday morning when he rolled down his car’s window to talk to two guys on a bike. In the video, Sachin can be heard telling them to be careful from now on and to wear a helmet every time they’re on the road.

“Is that a promise”, said Sachin to the star-struck boys who were too busy taking selfies than listening to Sachin’s life lessons.

“Life is precious” was another line that the boys ignored while taking a selfie.



Here’s the video our social media is going crazy over.


One like, one respect sir. “Helmet dalo”