She Got Sacked From Her Job On The Basis Of Her Sexuality. She Now Begs On The Streets For A Living.

All of us know about the “third gender”. In fact, some cities in India have already accepted them as one of their own and have offered them jobs. Recent advancements have also gotten insurance companies like LIC to provide a separate option for the third genders giving them an opportunity to invest in their future for their heirs.
However, a company sacked an employee after she finally came out as an Inter-sexual 2 years ago and also joined the Hijra Community. What’s even more shocking is that she’s an educated individual with a post-graduate degree in Computer Science. Yet, she was judged on the basis of her sexuality.
What kind of phobics must these be who do not respect an individual and take decisions based on their sexuality, and in this case, something that Kiran Sakhi can do little about.
Kiran Sakhi’s story came to light when two sisters, Avani and Urmi Sharma, spotted her at the Samalkha traffic signal in Dwarka, begging. They decided to ask her about her story and what they got as a response was just annoying! Kiran has worked with several IT firms in the past and comes with a Linux OS server experience along with basic HTML coding skills. In Avani’s Facebook post, here’s what she had to say –

This is Kiran.She has a post grad degree in computer science. She begs at the traffic light near my house. She is an…

Posted by Avani Sharma on Saturday, February 27, 2016

How can you help? Well, try your best to reach out to organizations who’re willing to accept employees as they are, because trust us, most of the Hijra’s you’d find on the signals are not there by choice. It’s because they’ve been provided with less or no opportunities at all. Let’s be the change by inviting it. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness by accepting others’.