Sasikala Became Emotional And Revealed Jayalalithaa’s Last Words

The political tussle between Sasikala and Panneerselvam has made one wonder who’d be Tamil Nadu’s next Chief Minister.

Sasikala has been a silent loyalist throughout Amma’s tenure as the Chief Minister.

Anticipating that her Chief Minister plans would get thwarted, she addressed a bunch of AIADMK MLAs at a private resort in Kuvathur.


During the closed-door party interaction, she also appealed to the party members to “stay strong”.

Here’s what she added:

“I am going to take a pledge in front of Amma’s portrait that we will capture the secretariat. Everyone should take the pledge with me. Amma has left behind the party as our wealth. We will take it.”

Following the close-knit meeting, she also compared Amma to a lioness and herself as a lioness cub who had upset many rivals.


“You are not highly educated, but Amma was. Despite that, she trained you so that you could dream of one day becoming an MLA. Don’t forget what she did. How she raised you up from your humble origins.”

Dabbing her eyes with her handkerchief, an emotional Sasikala also revealed her reverence and love for Amma.

“Even now when I think of Amma, I cry. I think of the great responsibility she and you the people entrusted to me.”

Taking Amma as a benchmark, she promised the lawmakers that she would always be there for the party.


“I swear on you – this party, this government, no one can shake me. I will give my life and save the party. It is a difficult time we are facing. Made more difficult by certain malicious forces at work.”

The ruling AIADMK party chose Sasikala to take over as the Chief Minister, but Governor Vidyasagar Rao asserted that he would wait for the Supreme Court’s verdict.

The Supreme Court is expected to announce its verdict on whether Sasikala is guilty of amassing a fortune, more than her source of income.

If she is found guilty, she wouldn’t be able to contest elections for six years.

Amidst this, she tried to win the support of party members by claiming she wouldn’t back off.

While making promises that she would be there for the party, she also revealed Amma’s last words, which were “No one can destroy our party.”

“With your support, I will face anything. I have the courage. I will not step back from any decisions taken. I will take the right decisions at the right time. I will not back off.”

She concluded the meeting by saying that it was tough to be a woman in politics.


“They say, she is a woman we can threaten her. That didn’t work with Amma. It won’t work with me. There are so many people in our party that – only I can capture the secretariat. We will not – cow down. We will stand united.”
As we await the Supreme Court verdict, let’s see who would be the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

H/T: The Times of India

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