These Excerpts From Indian Textbooks Is Proof We’re Feeding Rubbish To Our Future Generation

Being educated is different, being well-informed is another story but being misinformed is the worst.

In textbooks that have been put together by a panel of experts from the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training and Gujarat State Board for School Textbooks, a body responsible for deciding the curriculum, there is some information that is not only illogical but also hypothetical.

Kolkata, India - January 15, 2013: Customers and the book sellers on the asian street market on January 15, 2013 in Kolkata. From 1976 Kolkata have the Book Fair with 2 million visitors annual.

Here are some excerpts from few Indian textbooks that are absolutely inappropriate and unacceptable:


The book Shikhan nu Bhartiyakaran (Indianisation of Education) by Dina Nath Batra is a part of Gujarat primary school syllabus and believes people celebrate their birthdays by doing good deeds instead of cutting a cake.

‘Instead (of celebrating birthday with cakes and candles), we should follow a purely Indian culture by wearing swadeshi clothes, doing a havan and praying to ishtadev (preferred deity), reciting mantras such as Gayatri mantra, distributing new clothes to the needy, feeding cows, distributing ‘prasad’ and winding up the day by playing songs produced by Vidya Bharati.’



The Class 6 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) textbook titled ‘New Healthway: Health, Hygiene, Physiology, Safety, Sex Education, Games and Exercises’ claims that people who eat non-vegetarian food tend to be more violent as if vegetarians have never committed any paap.



This amazing one compares housewives to donkeys! The book doesn’t even talk about respecting women, how will the students ever learn fight for equal rights? 

The paragraph published in a Rajasthani textbook read:

‘A donkey is like a housewife… It has to toil all day, and, like her, may even have to give up food and water. In fact, the donkey is a shade better… for while the housewife may sometimes complain and walk off to her parents’ home, you’ll never catch the donkey being disloyal to his master.’


Pathetic, isn’t it?


This is the height of misinformation.

In an 8th standard Social Science English medium textbook published by the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT), it is published that, ‘after Partition in 1947, a new nation was born called, ‘Islamic Islamabad’ with its capital, ‘Khyber Ghat’ in the Hindukush Mountains.’




In the textbook ‘The Essentials of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology’ – Dr K. S. Narayan, Reddy and Dr O. P. Murthy, 32nd edition, 2013, it has been written –

‘Female homosexuality is known as tribadism or lesbianism. According to Greek mythology, women of Isle of Lesbos practised this perversion… The practice is usually indulged in by women who are mental degenerates or nymphomaniacs (excessive sexual desire).’


If this is being taught to the generations to come, we wonder what our future would be like.