This Video Of An Indian Politician Beating Himself With A Shoe Will Make You Instantly Happy

In the most desperate endeavor, a Samajwadi Party nominee Sujat Alam was captured on camera hitting himself with a shoe during a rally in Bulandshahr.

He elucidated the act by claiming that he had done so to gain more votes from people.


The video began with him addressing the crowd, where he said, “I am folding my hands and begging you to spare me for my wrong deeds.”

Soon after, he took out a shoe and started beating himself up. “I beat myself with a shoe when people started saying that politicians never return after they win polls. I told them if I do not come back, then beat me with my shoe.”

However, Alam later admitted that it was a gimmick to emotionalise people in order to maximize his vote bank.

“An elderly man came to me after I hit myself and he cried. He said he would vote for me. It’s obvious that such things work” Alam told The Indian Express.

It’s absolutely disheartening to see a politician manipulate the citizens to his credit for mere votes. Political speeches which reek of dishonesty and false promises are probably not enough that now such stunts are held to victimize the poor voters.

It’s high time the government stop playing on the helpless citizens’ emotions, and start delivering what they’ve been promising for decades.