Tamil Boy Assaulted In Bengaluru For Making Fun Of Kannada Film Stars On Facebook


The Cauvery water sharing dispute has been causing tension between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for quite some time now. Bengaluru has witnessed a lot of violent cases over the past few months due to this issue. The recent one being that of a 22-year-old Tamilian, Santhosh, getting assaulted in front of a camera by Kannadigas.

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Santhosh took to Facebook and posted pictures of Kannada film stars Shivarajkumar, Vijay, Ragini Dwivedi and Darshan with some insulting remarks over the Cauvery issue in Tamil.

The actors were actively supporting the cause on Twitter and had also participated in the protests.


The post went viral and came under the scanner of an activist group Yuva Karnataka. Santhosh was tracked down to his engineering college and the Kannadigas decided to set a terrifying example by beating up the youth and putting the entire assault on tape.

The state president of Yuva Karnataka, Venkatesh, justified the act by saying this.

“You may think we are at fault because in the video we are hitting him. No one thinks about what he did. People like Santhosh create the divide. We want such acts to stop. Who is he to write like this? In fact, it is a big network of people who want to mock Kannadigas over Cauvery. We will find them and teach them a lesson.”

Video source: HuffPost India

The Cauvery river crisis

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Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have been at loggerheads over the Cauvery river crisis for more than 20 years. The first time this issue surfaced was in 1991 when the order to release water led to anti-Tamil riots in Karnataka. Subsequently, Kannadiga properties were damaged in Tamil Nadu and there has been no settlement ever since.

Just a day after this video was released, New Woodlands hotel in Chennai was attacked with petrol bombs by a group of 15 assailants. Anti-Karnataka slogans were shouted and in spite of the presence of 15 security personnel, the attack could not be stopped.

The consequent retaliation from Tamil Nadu did not come as a surprise. Both governments need to come up with a solution and resolve this dispute, once and for all.