This Is The Most Sensible Mannequin Challenge Bengaluru Came Up With Which India Needs To See Right Now

2017 started on a terrible note for some women in Bangalore. The city was left in a state of shock as women were mass-molested on the streets amidst hundreds of onlookers.

mass molestation

This incident raised a lot of questions and there were massive protests the next day. That’s the problem. Instead of acting right away, we wait for the tide to pass and join the protests.

Courage is not a virtue of the masses. Only a few have the guts to stand for a cause and fight these monsters. Sadly, there weren’t enough who tried. Even the police force wasn’t enough to control these demons.

While we keep arguing on what could’ve been done, there are some who made the best use of the Mannequin Challenge to send a powerful message across.

The video titled #DontBeAMannequin shows the most hard-hitting portrayal of the entire challenge and has a brilliant message at the end.

#DontBeAMannequin from Mithun Cotha on Vimeo.

What this video goes to show is that there is always a creative way to spread a message that actually matters. A message that should make a difference in everyone’s life. A message that should force at least a few to think about the consequences.

After all, audiences react only when the message is put forward in a language that they understand. Against all the pointless wedding videos, this mannequin challenge certainly stands out.

Kudos to the team for putting this up.

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