This Woman Gave Birth To A Child When She Was 5 Years Old. This Is Her Story


The year was 1939. A small girl named Lina Medina gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 5. She lived in a poor Peruvian village located up the hill, which was one of the nation’s poorest region.

First to know

Her parents initially thought she had an abdominal tumor, but after being examined by doctors it was discovered that she was eight-months pregnant. When doctors questioned about her state, her mother informed that Lina hadn’t gotten her periods since a long time, the first time being when she was eight months old.

Little Things

On Mother’s Day, Lina gave birth to a six-pound boy, whom she named Gerardo. Police later arrested her father on charges of rape and incest but left him on bail when there was no evidence found. Till now, no one knows about the father of Gerardo.


Gerardo grew up thinking Lina was his older sister before her identity was revealed. He led a healthy life until 1979, after which he died from bone marrow disease at the age of 40.


A lot of people think the incident is made-up, a hoax, a fabricated lie, but there have been pieces of evidence, documents, and pictures to prove their claim otherwise. And believe it or not, she did give a birth to a son at the age of 5, making her the youngest mother in recorded history.