This Kid Farted At A Weather Reporter In A Newsroom And We Cannot Stop Laughing



We seriously cannot stop laughing after watching a video showing a boisterous kid hijacking a weather report session to… well… fart and talk about farts. 

This child truly appears to believe in our theory- that farting is not a crime and we must own it. However, he owns it in a way we, even though believing in the independence of farts, would not.

Video Screengrab
Video Screengrab

He enters a newsroom while WLBT Meteorologist Patrick Ellis was delivering a weather report stating that it was normal. Little had he known that conditions inside the report room were going to take an abnormal turn soon after.

A little boy, reportedly the son of a local lawyer, barges into the reporting space and starts funnily yelling out a report of his own. He jumps up and down, pretending to fly, I reckon, and then goes on to fart at the knees of the reporter.

Yes, this funny AF kid especially bends over to fart at the knees of the reporter who tries to restore normalcy by quipping, “We’ve got a little bit of interesting things going on right now.”


Thereafter, Ellis tries to play along with the child and asks him to comment on the weather, to which the child says, “Yeah, there are farts everywhere and toots, it’s crazy.” 

Sure enough, he’s picked up and taken away by someone. But his video is here to stay and you have got to watch it:

This kid is going to laugh over this sometime in the future and we? We can’t stop laughing at him RN!

H/T: The Indian Express