Excuse Me TOI, But Have You Frikkin’ Lost It? Why The Hell Would You Post Anything Like This?


Trump winning the US elections is a legit proof that we are heading towards an apocalypse. There is no hope left in this world. The US’s elections has evoked a lot of angry reactions from the people all over the world and somehow, we aren’t able to digest the fact that Trump sarkaar is already here.

As we ponder on this news and weigh the cons, the Times Of India cashed in on this opportunity and reported the news through a very sleazy headline.

Here’s how they reported the news. 

Wow! What a sleazy and non-professional way to acknowledge the win, TOI!

They received a lot of flak and with all the bad things happening to the world, Twitterati lost their shit.






TBH, we are not surprised that TOI resorted to such cheap level of reporting. Firstly, because it’s not their novice attempt and secondly, they never seem to learn their lesson.

It all started out with Deepika Padukone’s cleavage story and the actress lashing out in the form of a long response.


After a lot of rigmarole, TOI reported Kate Middletone’s news in a similar way and somehow, wore sexism on the front page, like a badge of honour.


After this, it became a perpetual thing (kind of!).


As this causes a stir in the media industry, Trump’s victory is something that really concerns us.

Because, frankly, this is not the last sexist resort by TOI.

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