Activist Trupti Desai Thrashed A Man With Slippers To Teach Him A “Lesson”


Trupti Desai is one angry woman and she knows how to channelize her anger towards patriarchal institutions. She has spearheaded many fiery campaigns where she has been fighting for woman’s entry into temples and dargahs.

She has displayed her agitation in various forms, which makes one wonder: Is that a good thing?

One of Trupti Desai’s videos went viral recently where she is seen thrashing a man with her slippers to “teach him a lesson”.


The incident unfolded near Pune, Maharashtra.


Apparently, the 25-year-old victim had promised a woman that he will marry her and after impregnating her, he chose to abandon her.

His partner had to undergo an abortion because of his final decision.



Police have registered a case against him and have charged him with rape. Trupti Desai was quite vocal about the man’s disgusting action that led to these turn of events. She took the matter into her own hands and didn’t miss out on an opportunity to thrash him ruthlessly with her slippers.


We thrashed him in full public view and forced the police to register the woman’s complaint. When the girl came to me with the complaint, I even met the man’s father and insisted that he marry her, but he refused and tried to settle the matter by offering money to the victim“, she said.

She also said that she was asked to intervene by a brigade of young women.



You can watch the video here, uploaded by TIMES NOW:

While I really appreciate her fight towards the gender equality which has been a deep-rooted problem for eons, what scares me is her intense agitation and the subsequent actions that result from it. Beating a man black and blue in full public view draws a conclusion that she has no trust in the judicial system of the country and taking matters into her own hands is a little obtuse.