60-YO Woman Does The Unimaginable On Seeing Men Chasing Another Man To Kill Him

60-year-old Vijayamma, who resides in Mahadevapura (Bengaluru), saw a 25-year-old man, who was bleeding heavily, running towards her house on 26th February 2017, stated a Bangalore Mirror report published in the Times of India

What would most of us have done in such a circumstance? We would have surely tried to escape the danger approaching us, won’t we? Well, that is what the cases of public killings and stabbings have proven so far wherein people chose to ignore someone being hacked to death right in front of them rather than overpowering the stabber and saving a life.

However, Vijayamma, wasn’t one to follow the herd and let the survival instinct consume her. She took the injured man in her house when she saw him running towards her, and locked the gate. 

The man had been getting away from three other men who had been wanting to kill him which the machetes in their hands testified as they closely followed the escapee. Obviously, the men saw the injured person entering Vijayamma’s house and approached her.

RepresentativeImage | iStock Photo via Getty Images
RepresentativeImage | iStock Photo via Getty Images

What they didn’t know was that Vijayamma wasn’t going to be daunted come what may.

An officer told Bangalore Mirror, “They threatened her with dire consequences if she did not hand over the man they were chasing. But Vijayamma refused and reportedly asked the miscreants to get going. The accused even slapped her. But the elderly woman stood her ground and did not open the gate.”

At this point, the men went away. Thereafter, Vijayamma comforted the injured man with water and told him to run away.


Meanwhile, the three men returned with five more persons and demanded that Vijayamma hand over the man to them.

She informed the men that he had fled which incensed them. “By this time, I had returned home. Realising that the person they were looking for had escaped, the gangsters got angry and attacked my mother. When I tried to help her, they beat me up too. They attacked me with lethal weapons and the nails of my fingers chipped off. My mother was hospitalised and she is still recovering,” Vijayamma’s son, Gopal Reddy, told Bangalore Mirror.

RepresentativeImage | iStock Photo via Getty Images
RepresentativeImage | iStock Photo via Getty Images

Reddy subsequently informed the police who recorded their statements. The police have identified the accused men as Manjunath, Mohan, RX Jagga and Vinod among others. An officer told Bangalore Mirror, “These miscreants are known for creating nuisance in the area. We are on the lookout for them.”

A case under IPC Sections 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) has been lodged against the offenders.

Being Indian’s take:

We commend Vijayamma for showing courage in the face of adversity that wasn’t even meant for her in the first place. The way she braved those gangsters shows what a woman of substance she is. We wish we have more Vijayammas to make our world a better place.

News Source: The Times of India