This Is What’s Happening To The Villagers Of UP Right Now

The UP elections concluded with BJP emerging as outright winners with a whopping margin. They managed to win 312 seats on their own and a total of 325 with the aid of their allies.

Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi’s coalition along with Mayawati’s Bahujan Samajwadi Party couldn’t do much to stop the BJP wave.


However, just two days after the results, there have been reports of violence in eastern UP’s Ballia district.


As per a News 18 report, violence broke out when workers of the Samajwadi Party burnt down houses of villagers. Most of them had voted for BJP. The report also claimed that some of them were brutally beaten by SP workers.


This incident happened on Monday in the Kotwali area of Narayanpur village. The cops arrived at the scene as soon as they got to know about the violence and detained a lot of people.

Watch the entire report here.

This violence is a clear reflection of the humiliating loss inflicted by the party. The infamous Gunda Raj prevalent in UP needs to end. Innocent villagers getting beaten up for voting a particular party is exactly what is wrong with the system.

With such cases of violence on the rise, the credibility of the BJP government will be questioned if they don’t put an end to this.

On the contrary, the ruling party has been accused of doing something terrible as per a TOI report.


In the Jianagla village of Uttar Pradesh, dozens of posters appeared on the wall with the name of a BJP MP. The message was,

“With BJP in power in Uttar Pradesh Hindus of the village would do what US president Trump was doing to Muslims in that country.”

Police have got most of these posters removed and a FIR has also been lodged. Five men have been taken into custody for questioning.

BJP has secured major victories in six constituencies where the Muslim population is in majority.

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