Meet These 8 Women Who Totally Slayed It At ISRO And Proved How Amazing India’s Future Looks

104 satellites launched using a single rocket, that’s what ISRO pulled off and stunned the entire world. Everyone has been lauding the brilliant efforts of India’s space agency and why not. They’ve created a world record which surely won’t be broken anytime soon.

But we very well know that behind a great achievement is a greater team effort. While the organization will continue to get acknowledged, there are a few individuals who deserve our attention.

A few hardworking, independent, talented women who are setting some serious examples for our country. Let’s take a moment and recognize their efforts.


Anuradha TK


34 years. That’s how long Anuradha has been with ISRO. The senior-most woman officer specialises in sending communication satellites into space. Neil Armstrong landing on the moon was her inspiration and now, Anuradha is one for many women who aspire to become space scientists.

 Ritu Karidhal


She has been working with ISRO for the past 18 years and was supremely influential in the Mars Orbiter Mission. With a passion for studying about space and stars, Ritu has carved her way to glory through immense hard work and dedication. She’s a mother of two and has set a fantastic example of how to achieve a perfect work-life balance without compromising on either.

Nandini Harinath


How many of us have the guts to follow our dream which has derived from a movie or a show? Nandini Harinath is one such individual who did it like a boss. Her fascination for space science and physics began when she saw Star Trek and ISRO seemed the destination to achieve that. In an interview with BBC, Deputy Director Nandini recalled how her team had to put in 12-14 hours of their day to ensure the success of Mangalyaan.

Moumita Dutta


She was the Project Manager for the Mars Orbiter Mission and currently leads a team in the direction of optical science under the Make in India initiative.

Dr Tessy Thomas


Rightfully called India’s missile woman, Tessy Thomas is the first woman scientist to head a missile project in India. In 2012, she was appointed as the project director for testing the 5,000 km range Agni V missile.

N. Valarmathi


She was responsible for the success of the first indigenously-developed Radar Imaging Satellite RISAT-1. She also happens to be the first woman to head a remote sensing satellite project.

These were just a few names out of the long list of hardworking women at ISRO. BBC reported that today, more than 20-25% of ISRO’s over 16,000 employees are women. A powerful statement to break gender stereotypes and establish our country’s footprint up in space.

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Featured image source here. The photograph was taken by ASIF SAUD.