Thousands Of Women Were On The Streets In Iceland At Exactly 2:38 PM And The Reason Is Rather Interesting


Iceland, a country with a population of around 3-4 lacs. To put some perspective, Mumbai’s Dadar station has more passers-by in a day. Yes, one station > an entire country.

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You might wonder that life would be so peaceful in a country like Iceland. But guess what? Out of those 3-4 lacs, there are bound to be some morons. That is precisely why we want to draw your attention to this country.

Thousands of women gathered at a square in Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik on Monday. The surprising thing here is that this gathering happened after the women left their workplaces exactly at 2:38 PM.

The reason being, to protest against the gender gap in wages.


What’s the logic behind 2:38 PM?

There is a difference in the wages of men and women working in Iceland. This protest was against the illogical wage gap. But why 2:38 PM?

The explanation was shared by the Iceland Monitor. Assuming the work timings from 9 AM to 5 PM, the difference in the wages between men and women suggest that women should work only till 2:38 PM.

Which means if men are paid an ‘X’ amount of money for a 9 to 5 job, women are paid way less. The amount received by women is equal to a job from 9 AM to 2:38 PM and hence the point of leaving work at 2:38 PM for the protest makes absolute sense.

Check out the massive gathering in this video.

We cannot think of a better and a more creative way to protest for the equality in wages.

Recently at the World Economic Forum, Iceland was ranked No. 1 in the Global Gender Gap Index. Despite that, there is a significant difference in the amount of wages received by men as opposed to women.

Iceland remains to be at the top position for the 8th consecutive time. India jumped to the 87th position from last year’s 108th.

Information sourced from Times of India.

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