This Australian Newspaper Is Brewing All Kinds Of Fictional Stories Around Kohli And Kumble

In the age of cut-throat competition and harmful nationalism, authenticity and values often take a seat in the back. Fake news is as prospering today as authentic news was back in the good old days of journalism.

This time an Autralian Newspaper, a reputed one at that, has reignited the DRS controversy that took place in the second test match, with some fierce and fictional allegations against Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble.

India Today
India Today


The Daily Telegraph accused the Indian captain of misconduct during and after the game. According to a report published in the paper, Indian captain Virat Kohli threw a bottle of Gatorade which bounced off a TV and hit an Australian official in the foot.

The report also accused Indian coach Anil Kumble to storm into the Umpire’s room to seek clarification of Virat Kohli’s LBW in the first innings. The report also said that Kumble is reprising ‘his role as the puppeteer behind the scenes’ which hints towards Kumble’s role in the Monkeygate scandal during India’s tour to Australia in 2007-08.

“Kohli might be the aggressor in the brazen campaign India is running against Australia’s integrity — even striking an Australian official with an orange Gatorade bottle — but coach Kumble, one of the main instigators of the Monkeygate fiasco, would appear to have reclaimed his role as the puppeteer behind the scenes,” the newspaper article said.

India Today
India Today


The Daily Telegraph report added:

“It’s understood Kumble has also made his fury known about the actions of match referee Chris Broad during the Test, complaints which are now to be passed onto the ICC by the BCCI,”


The report didn’t just stop here. It went on to say that Kohli did a throat-slitting gesture at  Australia batsman Peter Handscomb.

“It can be revealed he (Kohli) unleashed an astonishing outburst in the dressing rooms following his dismissal, smashing a Gatorade bottle off a table, where it then rebounded off a television and struck an Australian team official on the leg.

Kohli was also seen swearing in the direction of the Australian box as he left the field and using a throat-slitting gesture to send-off Peter Handscomb late in the Test,”



It was then that the report made the most ridiculous of comparisons by referring to the Sri Lankan legend as “villainous”.

“The spirit of the game notion has been pronounced dead in the game many times before, but Kohli — a law unto himself — would appear to have killed it off once again with his behaviour some of the worst by an international captain since villainous Sri Lankan leader Arjuna Ranatunga.”

Interestingly, it was the Arjuna Ranatunga led Sri Lankan team that defeated Australia in the 1996 World Cup final. Ever since then, Ranatunga had a topsy-turvy relationship with the Australian Cricket Team.

Sour grapes?

You can read the entire report by The Daily Telegraph here.