K. L. Rahul Taught Good Manners To A Twitter Troll By Using Grade-A Sarcasm

Twitter is one of the most unfiltered platforms on social media. The lack of accountability and concern is what makes Twitter trolling the worst form of human commentry.

Under these circumstances, Twitter also acts like an enormously equalizing force between the regular public and celebrities of any stature. The anonymity one enjoys often translates into being rude with public figures on Twitter.

The latest victim of Twitter trolling was India’s star new batsman K. L. Rahul.

Indian Express
Indian Express


K. L. Rahul tweeted his joy yesterday about waking up to the notification of R. Ashwin following him on Twitter. K. L. Rahul took to Twitter to express his delight on the notification.


But Twitter being Twitter, opened the platform up for trolling when one rather intelligent fan of Indian cricket got rude with K. L. Rahul.


This gentleman however didn’t know how savage an Indian cricketer can be. K. L. Rahul wasted no time in replying to Mr. cricket fan with some Grade-A sarcasm, the kind that would make the troll think twice before getting rude with another cricketer in future.


Fellow fans on Twitter lauded K. L. Rahul’s savage reply to a Twitter troll.





Being Indian’s take:

While everyone knows that Indian Cricket fans are emotional and possessive about their Cricket. That however, is no excuse for any fan to cross the line of decency with Cricketers. Young cricketers like K. L. Rahul are just as patient as they are aggressive on the field. His reply to a Twitter troll will serve as a fine example for days to come.