Here’s What Happened When An Excited Fan Rushed Towards MS Dhoni In The Middle Of A Match

We have known stories of how our favourite ex-Indian Cricket Team Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been grounded and humble.

This man has won over his fans not because of his outstanding performance on-field but also for being a wonderful person off-field.

Recently, at the Vijay Hazare Trophy quarterfinal between Vidarbha and Jharkhand, the ground was exceptionally crowded and the only reason for them to gather was to get a glimpse of the Indian skipper MS Dhoni.

However, while the entire crowd was cheering for Dhoni when he was standing at the non-striker’s end, there was one crazy fan jumped over the wall and rushed to the ground to reach out to Dhoni.

He immediately took out a white paper and held it in front of Dhoni to get his autograph.  


But also, Dhoni being Dhoni, he obliged him by signing on the sheet.

Unable to control his excitement, the fan plunged down to touch Dhoni’s feet and seek his blessings before he was escorted out of the field. 


While the fan got his autograph, for the rest of the crowd, Dhoni gratified them by finishing the match with his signature shot.