Sachin Tendulkar Is As Normal A Human Being As Us, And This Post Proves It!


The God of Cricket is a class apart. His work has been a source of inspiration, for both newspaper columns and for people. He has millions of fans worldwide, but deep down he’s just as human as we are.


We all are in awe of Sachin’s talent on field, but those who have met him in person off field have a different story to tell.


For them, he is a man who is humble, simple and easy-going like all of us. It is tough to believe that he leads a normal life like any of us.

sachin tendulkar

These 5 facts show us that the God of cricket is indeed like any of us:

1His first car was a Maruti 800

Like many of us who had humble beginnings, Sachin too bought a Maruti 800 as his first car.

2His favorite snack is Vada Pav

3He loves Kishore Kumar and Dire Straits

Kishore da is not only loved by the common man, but also by Sachin. Makes him more immortal, doesn’t it?

4He loves animals, especially dogs

5He loves a good collection of watches

We all have our fetishes, be it collecting stamps or shoes. For Sachin, it’s watches. Makes us relate more to him, doesn’t it?


Well, ordinary or not, Sachin still remains our God!