Australian Cricket Team Will Never Forget The First Ball Umesh Yadav Bowled Today

Like we’ve previously mentioned, tensions soar high every time India plays Australia. Having an opposition as wicked and twisted and brilliant as the Australians, every series gives the Indian Cricket team a chance to up their game.

Thanks to such fierce competition in International Cricket, the Indian Cricket Team’s bowling has been lethal off late.



With Umesh Yadav firing the ball at perfect line and length and Ishant Sharma testing the Australian batsmen’s patience, India is no longer the bowling attack it once was. It’s much better now.

Cricket country
Cricket country


Day 2 of the Ranchi test between India and Australia began with the Australians maintaining their stance at the crease. The Australian Cricket Team was batting on 299/4 and Glenn Maxwell was on 80 when Umesh Yadav bowled the first delivery of the match.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the ball pierced through Maxwell’s bat and broke it into pieces.

Here, have a look for yourself:



Interestingly, the ball was only 137km/hr.

Clearly Glenn Maxwell loved it. The aggressive batsman couldn’t hide his smile at what had just occurred. But Twitter loved it more than Maxwell did.

Here’s what Twitter said:


Even Cricket Australia’s official Twitter account couldn’t stay away from tweeting about it.


All we can say is, it looks like the Australians have met their match.