How An Alleged Spat With Virat Kohli Has Kept Harsha Bhogle Away From Commentary

Harsha Bhogle is hands down one of India’s finest Cricket commentators. Not only is he respected in India, Harsha commands immense respect from the commentating fraternity around the globe.

However India’s star commentator hasn’t lent his voice to the mic in over a year and that’s kind of a problem.



According to reports, tension started building between the Indian cricket team and Harsha Bhogle during last year’s World T20 when some members of the Indian team, including Virat Kohli, felt that Harsha’s questions were not India centric.

This was followed up Amitabh Bachchan’s snark towards Harsha Bhogle during India’s match against Bangladesh last year.


India’s star batsman also allegedly lost his cool on the matter during the same game. Harsha Bhogle had reportedly said that Virat Kohli was playing more shots than he was scoring runs. Allegedly, Kohli was so disturbed by Harsha’s comments that he confronted him directly and asked “Why did you make such comments?”

Despite having a great working relationship earlier, their camaraderie had now been compromised. It was also rumored that Harsha Bhogle had tried to settle the dust between the two but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Deccan Chronicle
Deccan Chronicle


According to a Bengali newspaper, Sangbad Pratidin, it was Murali Vijay who got ticked off by Harsha Bhogle before anyone else. In 2014  during the Australia-India Test series Down Under, Murali Vijay was India’s opener who had just gotten out at 53 runs in the first innings.

Immediately after getting out, Murali Vijay was asked on camera by Harsha Bhogle whether he’d regret not scoring a century on the given surface. This question reportedly pissed Murali Vijay off who expressed his displeasure later on. The news soon spread in the commentating quarters.

As a result of these instances, Harsha Bhogle hasn’t commentated in over a year.



Being Indian’s take on the matter:

His unique perspective of the game is what makes Harsha Bhogle one of the most respected names in the world of Cricket commentators. It’s his uncomfortable questions that separate him from other commentators.

While no one can deny the hardwork our cricketers put into the game but eliminating the element of critique from their performance is in no way honorable to the skills of a cricketer.

As much as we love our cricket team, we should establish that no one is above critique. That’s how we will improve ourselves. Being Indian truly believes that if there is a spat between Harsha Bhogle and some of Indian cricketers, it should be immediately resolved as both parties in this case bring pride to our nation and it’d do everyone more benefit if they got along.

H/T: Indiatimes.