The Weirdest Incident In Test Cricket Just Took Place Between Wriddhiman Saha And Steve Smith

Every time India and Australia play one another, weird shit starts taking place. Sometimes racial slurs are hurled and sometimes things get physical.

This rivalry sometimes gets so heated up that the media gets involved and things get ugly. But that’s not what happened today.



If you thought the ‘Monkeygate’ was weird, you should really really see what happened in today’s game.

As the pressures are always soaring high in a game between India and Australia, thus the pressure to take wickets sometimes makes players do crazy shit.

And Indian wicket keeper Wriddhiman Saha did exactly that when he tried to get Steve Smith out. Even the umpires couldn’t keep it together.


We don’t want to explain it too much. Here, watch it for yourself:


Gotta appreciate Saha’s dedication to taking wickets, however weird it gets.